About Us

Welcome to Stinkymess.com and thank you for visiting our page.

If you’re an animal lover you know how amazing pets and animals in general can be. They give us company when no one else is around. They make us laugh, they make us cry and they even drive us crazy at times and we love them. Sometimes more than actual people. You know it’s true. But with all the good there is some bad specifically in the #2 department and the problems that come with it.

Stinky Mess was started with one idea in mind, to help people with the worst messes they will probably ever have in and around there home…pet waste! There really are very few other things worse than a truly smelly gag inducing, eye watering, close pin on the nose mess. Trust us we’ve been there! To prove it here are two stories.

The first story stars a small kitten who was a present for a newly married woman from her loving husband. The woman having never had a cat before decided that the kitten needed a bowl of milk. In her words “because that’s what you always see cats drinking in cartoons!” Needless to say the kitten got an extreme case of diarrhea. What made this worse is it didn’t set in until the next morning after the two love birds left for work.

That evening when they got home they walked into what seemed like a scene from a horror movie. But instead of blood it was….cat poop. In the living room, bedroom and kitchen, on the carpet, the furniture and even the walls. It was literally everywhere. It was like the cat was possessed.

Now unlike anyone that may visit this site at the time we didn’t have the internet to consult let alone a site specifically dedicated to helping clean up messes just like that. So we struggled cleaning, gaging then cleaning again for what seemed like forever.

The second story I would like to share isn’t near as nasty but it is funny which is the main reason for sharing it. First I must set the scene. It’s an early 4:30 AM on a weekday, my wife and I live in a very small house so I’m trying to be quite and not wake my wife. Because of this I have left all the lights off except one in the adjacent room so I can’t see very well. I sit down on the couch and bend over to put my work boots on and immediately catch the unmistakable whiff of fresh dog poop. Thinking I had stepped or even possibly sat in it I stood up looked on the floor and then the couch. From what I could see there was nothing there. So sat down again thinking maybe I was just smelling things.

Quickly realizing that there was no way I was imagining this rank smell. I walked over turned the light on so I could actually see what I was smelling. To my surprise I didn’t see anything. There was nothing on the floor or couch. I was deeply confused. Then I see it, right in the middle of the glass top coffee table is a fresh pile of dog doo. What really made it bad was that when I leaned over to tie my shoes my face was only a few inches from the nasty mess. As bad as it was I couldn’t help but laugh and ended up waking my wife who actually laughed harder than I did.

So if you have read to this point hopefully I have made you laugh and proven we have dealt with some nasty yet funny experiences. If this is true I hope you will give a few of our articles a read. And again thank you for visiting!