Best Dog Poop Scoopers Of 2017


Or, more precisely, dog poop.

It’s a subject that’s not usually part of dinnertime conversation, but it does come to mind more often than you’d like if you own a pooch. That’s why we did a little digital window shopping and came up with a few products that just might make the onerous task of scooping pet poop in your yard or on a walk a bit less tedious.

What are dog owners like you looking for in a pooper scooper?Nature’s Miracle Jaw Dog Poop Scooper

Distance, in a nutshell. You want to be able to maintain adequate spacing between your nose and hands and the business end of your responsibility.

It would also be ideal if you can stay as upright as possible (hey, none of us have the spines of three-year-olds) and carry out the task swiftly. Especially if Princess is doing her business on the neighbor’s lawn.

Besides, if the job doesn’t get easier, why change the way you’re currently doing things with that supermarket bag-slash-poop glove?

You’ll find all sorts of advantages over the way you’ve been doing things with a few products we think are among the best on the market. Hopefully we’ve helped you make your future dog walks a bit more enjoyable.

Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop (Medium and Jumbo size options) – The antimicrobial odor-blocking feature is based on the claimed impermeability of the plastic jaw, which prevents the dog waste from being absorbed and sticking around. While that’s among the key features, most reviewers focus instead on durability or the convenience factor in the easy use of the high-tension jaw. Whatever individual buyers prefer, the innovators must have done something right. This item carries Amazon’s #1 Best Seller designation for the category and has more than 2,100 four- or five-star reviews.

Arm & Hammer 71034 Swivel Bin and Rake – In consisting of two long tools—the rake and the swivel bin—this item makes more sense as a means of picking up waste in your own yard rather than having to cart it around on walks. The rake is designed to gently pick up poop on most surfaces without mushing it, while the bin swivels for ultimate convenience. Your back and nose will appreciate the 32-inch extension on the ergonomic, rubber-tipped handle.

Four Paws Grass Wire Rake Dog Scooper – This single-piece item is among the simplest, no-frill option on the market—but also one of the least expensive. It looks something like an oversize back-scratcher and operates with similar simplicity. Since it must be operated with the tool in one hand and your bag of choice in the other, waste pickup isn’t quite as smooth as with some other options.

Ciao Chow Pets LED Pooper Scooper with Bag Holder – Most of the differentiating characteristics are right there in the product name. If you’re buying for durability and a bit of clarity in nighttime dog-walking or your own unlit backyard, this just might be the option for you. The built-in bag holder will contain the plastic of your choice. The bag can be affixed to the bucket to scoop from a standing position. Requires three AAA batteries for the light.

How to Care for Your New Scooper

Whichever model you settle on, maintenance and storage is a breeze. Simply run your new scooper under a garden hose or wipe it down after every use. (Don’t neglect that step, or your nose will regret it.) Most of these options are little longer than umbrellas, and take up not much more room than that. Your selection will easily store in your garage, tool shed or back closet.

As for maintenance, these are not particularly complex or expensive items. Use your poop scooper until it falls apart, then buy a new one. It’s about that simple. Only the Ciao Chow product should ever require replacement parts—a new set of batteries to run the LED light.

Read the Fine Print

We’ve told you what we feel is important in a pooper scooper, but what do you think? There’s not much of a cost variation, so you can focus on other features. We suggest reading every product description carefully before hitting the Buy button. How long, heavy or cumbersome are you willing to go? Can the product fit in a coat pocket or back pack or be carried easily? Does it look to be of premium quality?  What do other users think? Read several of the best and worst Amazon customer reviews to find the reality beyond the ad claims.

Whatever moves the needle for you, contrast and compare. If you shop carefully, you might get even more enjoyment than you already do when out for a stroll with your best friend.

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