Dog Proof Cat Litter Box Ideas That Work

It’s something you don’t want to think about the next time your pooch gives you a wet kiss, but cat poop is something of a delicacy for most canines. The technical term for the nasty habit of eating fecal matter is coprophagia, but that’s probably more than you want to know. All you really care about is finding out how to break the habit if you share a home with one or more dogs and cats.

You could try elevating the box where only your family’s best leapers can reach it. Or putting it in a room with a baby gate that your cat alone can squeeze through or jump over.

There are also products on the market that have your back. It turns out that engineers haven’t spent all their time designing rockets. Some have gone to work on the challenge of keeping your dog out of your cat’s litter box by designing a dog proof litter box. Check out Amazon, and you’ll find a range of ingenious products. Here are a few of our favorites.

Solutions That Work

  • Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan  – As we all know, Dog Proof Litter Boxcats have a lot more gymnastic talent than their canine competitors. This product caters to cats’ ability to jump up and slither down a hole to get where they need to go. By placing the narrow enough entry hole at the top of the fairly high “ceiling” of the contained structure, only the most graceful of dogs could make its way to the feast within. You’ll find other brands of top-entry litter boxes online as well.
  • Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome – This option exposes the nimble, slithery, athletic talents that your cat possesses—and your dog doesn’t. With this contained contraption, you cat proceeds up a narrow stairway before twisting to the right and ducking into the box below. Can your dog do that? We don’t think so.
  • Petsfit 21x25x35 Inches Espresso Double-Decker Pet House Litter Box Enclosure Night Stand – This one will really drive the dogs in your house crazy—though the cost might do the same to you. The impressive structure is a two-story tall cat getaway that also includes a litter box deep within its interior. Your cat will be tasked with leaping up and into the side-entry hole that’s high enough off the ground that your dog won’t have a chance of following—or be able to fit in if it tries.
  • Door Buddy Adjustable Door Strap & Latch – Not every clever solution on Amazon is a litter box. This one is simply a strap that keeps a door from opening more than wide enough to allow your cat access. Assuming your dog is larger than its feline compatriot, and less able to squeeze through restricted space, the peel-and-stick Door Buddy adjusts and attaches to the door and door frame so that the opening is only wide enough to keep the litter box room strictly off limits to any critter but the cat.  This might be the ideal solution if your cat is older or not nimble enough to leap into a top- or high-side entry enclosure.

Many of these dog proof litter box solutions have the added advantage of being enclosed, which can be a good thing even if your household doesn’t include an always-hungry and not too picky dog. It keeps the litter and odor in place and every pet owner content.

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